Our Patients Say It Best.

We are proud of our reputation for exceptional medical service and efficient practice management, but don’t take our word for it. Here is what some of our patients have to say.

“I had both my right and left ACL reconstructions with Dr. Gehrmann after injuring each separately in sports. What’s great about Dr. Gehrmann is that he treats the patient, not just the injury, and he does so meticulously, every step of the way. He’ll get to know you personally, ask you about your lifestyle and about what your goals and expectations are as an athlete. He’ll review treatment options, customize pre-hab, surgery, pain management and rehab to fit you, as an individual and as an athlete, and offer everything he can to help you make the strongest comeback possible.

He understood how desperate and impatient i was to get back to training judo and jiu-jitsu, too soon post-surgery. He would always remind me “ACL recovery is a marathon, not a sprint!”

I definitely have Dr. Gehrmann to thank for helping me to get back back to my sport, stronger both physically, and mentally. I’m now competing at a level beyond what I had ever expected, or even hoped to achieve, and i’m lucky enough to be able to challenge those limits as an athlete each day. Thanks Doc!
— Jeanette Hong, Combat Sports Competitor
“I live a pretty rough and active life, and with that I’ve had quite a few visits to Dr. Gehrmann. To say he has put me back together every time is an understatement. Dr. Gehrmann is an athlete himself, who trains physically and understands how to make you feel at ease and get you back out there doing what you love. He is very professional and friendly and the best surgeon around. I had a severe rupture of my bicep tendon in 2006 and thought my training days were over. A friend of mine who played professional sports recommended Dr. Gehrmann to me and he performed the surgery. I was told by many doctors I would not regain full strength but after surgery with Dr. Gerhmann I was back to normal activities and have never looked back. I can’t recommend him enough. Thank you Dr. Gehrmann!”
— Harry Greenfield
“I’ve never met a more devoted doctor. It it wasn’t for Dr. Gehrmann educating me and repairing my LCL, and getting me back on the mats and in the cage, I don’t know where my career would be today.”
— Sean "Shorty Rock" Santella, #1 Ranked Flyweight in the USA
“I travel almost an hour to have myself and my children be cared for by Dr. Gehrmann. He is completely professional and his level of expertise is exceptional. He has performed difficult and intricate surgeries on both myself and my son. My son is a college, and my business depends on my physical abilities. Dr. Gehrmann’s care and surgical skills have returned both of us to the sports and activities we love with lasting results and optimal recoveries.
It means a lot to me that Dr. Gehrmann answers questions and goes out of his way to follow up after surgeries. He is excellent with children and his warm personality puts childrens’ nerves at ease. He explains the process step by step, from surgery prep to recovery. You never feel rushed. He takes the time to address physical and emotional needs, and cares for the whole patient.
I highly recommend Dr. Gehrmann. His genuine personality and exceptional skills skills have given my family the best orthopedic experiences.”
— Dave Maver
“As a healthcare professional myself, I have access to many doctors and hospitals when it comes to my family’s care. When my daughter’s shoulder required surgery, there was no question which doctor would provide her care and perform her surgery. Dr. Gehrmann’s experience in Sports Medicine is incredible. He is articulate, compassionate, always available, and a meticulous surgeon. As expected, her surgery and recovery have been smooth and she is back to playing the sport she loves without pain. I knew from the minute she was injured where to go. Dr. Gehrmann is truly a gifted doctor and a special person.”
— Meridith Blitz
“Dr. Gehrmann is simply the best! I trust him completely. He has been our “family orthopedist” for many years. He is a compassionate and caring doctor who takes time to listen and answers all your questions. He is a skilled surgeon who is also well versed in non-operative treatment of injuries. You can be assured you won’t get an unnecessary surgery with Dr. Gehrmann and, if you do need surgery you are in the best of hands. He has treated me for ACL tears in both knees as well as shoulder pain (no surgery). He did surgery on my husband for a ruptured biceps tendon and another time for a meniscal tear in his knee. My oldest son required surgery for a shoulder injury in his early 20’s. He has gone on to graduate the police academy and has no issues with is shoulder. Two years ago my 11 yr old son sustained a football injury to his elbow which required a surgery to take bone and cartilage from his knee and transplant it to his elbow. He fully recovered and returned to football the following season. He is a starter this year and has no problems with is elbow or knee. All of us have fully recovered with no complications and are back to full activity with no problems. He has cared for many other friends and family members over the years. Every person I have recommended to him has come back and thanked me for the referral. “
— Terri Coerts